Ritz Paris Hotel

The newly renovated Ritz Paris blends the perfect combination of old-world charm, modern luxury and world-class service. With its new conservatory cafe, swimming pool and Chanel Spa (only one in the world), the hotel serves as a magical escape from the fast-paced hustle of Parisian streets. From eyeglass cleaning cloths, to children's cooking classes, the hotel team leaves guests wanting for nothing but a future return.


Ritz Cooking School

Ritz Cooking School

Family Travel is the Ultimate Education


The lads in Kyoto -

As the sun broke over Vietnam’s East Sea horizon, my son and I gave one final tug to the coracle, securing it on the shore. The weathered fisherman, to whom the boat belonged, gave us an appreciative smile before uncovering his overnight haul. Tristan’s eyes went wide as he was staring at the cornucopia of sea creatures littering the floor. We were thousands of miles from our house in Zurich, but we could not have felt more at home.

My wife, Claudia, and I are uniquely blessed with being in professions that allow us to travel; and as a result, our sons are already frequent flyers. Tristan, 8, began flying at eight-weeks-old and Conrad, 4, hit the skies at three months. They now have a combined 200,000 air miles between them. They are both enrolled in our family world-schooling program where the opportunities for bonding and endless adventures create everlasting memories.

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Mad about otters: in Singapore

Logistics manager Alvin Tan lugs a 15kg camera bag containing two long camera lenses to work almost every day.

He wants to be prepared should a message about an otter sighting pop up on Finding Toby, the otter-watch WhatsApp group that he belongs to.


He rushes to join the group, made up of about 20 otter watchers, as soon as he finishes work or before he goes to the office. The 44-year-old enjoys taking photos of the mammals, especially their pups because "they have this blur look which I find very cute".

His weekends are often spent "chasing" otters all over Singapore. His accounts administrator wife, 44, and 11-year-old daughter sometimes join him on these trips.

He has taken more than 10,000 photos and 100 videos of the otters in the last six months and shares them on social media. "The otters have become like family. I want to know how they are doing. They seem to recognise faces and will not run away when they see a familiar face."

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Gstaad: The Last Resort

The lovely village of Gstaad, Switzerland offers the ideal family winter or summer holidays.  The family recently returned from a lovely weekend where the Gstaad Place Resort spoiled us.


Stockholm, Sweden

We highly recommend Stockholm for your next holiday. 

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