Who we are

At Outcast Global Holdings our mission is to be one of the world’s leading providers and producers of entertainment that inspires, educates, and enriches. Through our portfolio of books, film, games, toys, and technology we seek to develop unique entertainment experiences and products centered around themes of global exploration, luxury, and adventure.

We are a children’s universe. Our central character is a traveling river otter called ‘Outcast.’ Outcast was discarded at a toy factory because of his mismatched eyes, and was discovered by a young Timmy Carlton. Like many great duos in history, the two become inseparable. Through their adventures, they together connect young consumers to new destinations, cultures, innovations, and ideas. 

Outcast Global Holdings is distinct in its character cross-over design which allows us to serve various industry sectors and age demographics. We are not only an entertainment franchise but a lifestyle brand with the following business segments: children’s entertainment, young adult books and games, luxury, and adventure travel. Outcast Otter children’s entertainment segment folds into our young adult series, Timmy and Sakura, which in turn gives way to our luxury and travel segments, The Carltons Series. All share the same themes of global exploration – all connected by character association.

children’s Entertainment

Outcast Global Holding's multifaceted children’s entertainment platform offers something for the entire family.  Set in the rich and vibrant environment of global travel-adventure, Outcast and his pals sweep readers around the globe in a fun and educational manner.

Our books include a fantasy adventure trilogy, Beyond the Tree House, as well as a children’s travel book series, Outcast Goes To... Books in the travel series include destinations like Jakarta, Paris, the White House, and Nigeria. In each book, Outcast encounters other global and globe-trotting characters who join him on his adventures and help him to see the world through different pairs of eyes.

Outcast Global Holdings is also developing games, toys, and a fantasy land that will inspire the young and the young at heart.

  Ming-Jung from South Korea                                     Outcast's cousin, Sonny                                   Liling Mei from China

children’s TRAVEL

At Outcast Global Holdings we believe that family travel is fun! It is about adventure and excites the imagination. Outcast Otter is a child’s travel companion. Through his stories and adventures he opens young readers to all corners of the world – and through his travel advice teaches children to be experienced and sophisticated travelers, making globe-trotting enjoyable for the whole family. 

We have created a small book to accompany children on their travels, Traveling Tips for Kids from Outcast Otter. This helpful manual helps children to prepare for their travels, advises on what to expect, and encourages travel etiquette. 


We believe in doing well by doing good. We also believe in the importance of children’s literacy and are committed to ensuring that every child receives a quality education, especially the poorest and most vulnerable – the outcasts. To this end, Outcast Global Holdings is developing a unique children’s literacy platform that leverages the power of storytelling as well as innovations in education to address the challenge of out-of-school children in sub-Saharan Africa.