Keeping the Ritz Paris Running

Christian Boyens has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious hotels including the Kempinski in Hamburg and The Peninsula Beverly Hills. He joined the Ritz Paris as general manager in 2011 and spearheaded the hotel’s four-year, US$400 million renovation.

American Airlines Brings Civility Back to Flying

American Airlines wants you to know it would really, really appreciate it if you could ask before raising the window shade, and if you could not hog the armrest. Also, be nice to the flight attendants when they greet you.

American Airlines

American Airlines

In a new campaign, which begins this week, aimed at the “world’s greatest fliers,” the airline says it wants to get away from fixating on features like the speed of its Wi-Fi or the size of the entertainment console.

Instead, the campaign praises travelers whose actions — like ceding the armrest to the middle-seat passenger — make the in-flight experience a better one. “Customers really have a huge impact on the flying experience,” said Fernand Fernandez, American’s vice president of global marketing.

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