Top 5 Delis in San Francisco




    1. A.G. Ferrari Foods                                       

    A.G. Ferrari is one of San Francisco's most high end, delectable delis.  They offer  a tempting selection of sandwiches, grilled or not, on different kinds of bread and with varied fixings.  All of the Italian basics are ready to go: cheese, wine, and pastas, along with a ton of different antipasti, pastas, and other great little specialty dishes in the deli section.


    Address:  468 Castro Street (between 17th St. & Market St.)  San Francisco, CA

    Phone:  415-255-6590

    Neighborhood:  Castro




    2. Andronico’s                                       

    Andronicos  is a hidden jewel in SF.  The hot food section, where you could create your own dinner or lunch with the latest meals of the day, has a great selection of amazing dishes.  The "cold" food selection is just as satisfying.  Can't go wrong with a good baguette, fresh ingredients, cheese, and Mendocino mustard.  Don't forget to try their desserts over by their pastry shop and if you are in the mood for some wine-- a lovely variety perfect for a long day at work.


    Address:  1200 Irving Street (between Funston Ave & 14th Ave)  San Francisco, CA

    Phone:  415-661-3220

    Neighborhood:  Inner Sunset




    3. Estela's Fresh Sandwiches                                       

    Estelas is definitely a fancier sandwich deli than your run of the mill deli, and therefore a bit pricier than your average deli as well.  San Franciscans would agree that the price is well worth it.  Go for the Mediterranean:  ham, provolone , artichoke spread (new and different!), tomatoes, red onion, and vinaigrette on foccacia.


    Address:  250 Fillmore St (between Haight St & Laussat St)   San Francisco, CA

    Neighborhoods: Lower Haight, Hayes Valley

    Phone:  (415) 864-1850



    4. City Gourmet                                       

    City Gourmet is a great little lunch deli serving up yummy Arabic food.  Known for their amazing gyros and fast service, this family owned restaurant offers everything home cooked and fresh.  City Gourmet does them right, starting with excellent bread - sour dough rolls and the dutch crunch are super.  You get a very nice portion, with no skimping on the high-quality meats.  I'm there a couple times a week.  I do wish they were open later though.


    Address: 590 3rd St  (between Brannan St & Varney Pl)   San Francisco, CA

    Phone:  (415) 543-3436

    Neighborhood: SOMA



    5. Delessio Market & Bakery                                       

    Delessio is a San Francisco classic deli, offering great food, charming decor, and excellent service.  From their quiches to their desserts, you can taste the pride they take in the quality and flavor of their food.  The Patient and caring staff makes for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Delessios has personality, both in its food and its surroundings, and everything else.


    Address:  1695 Market St  (between Gough St & Valencia St)   San Francisco, CA

    Phone:  (415) 552-5559

    Neighborhoods: Hayes Valley, SOMA