10 Ways To Enjoy The Great Outdoors With Your Children


There’s no doubt about it, kids love being outdoors. Whether you’re out in the garden, at the park, or up a mountain somewhere, a little fresh air works wonders by allowing your kids to work off that excess energy.


If sometimes it takes a little effort to pry your little ones (or slightly bigger ones) off the sofa, here are 10 simple suggestions to help you enjoy the great outdoors together as a family.

10 Outdoor Family Activities:

  1. Let’s go fly a kite

The ideal activity for windy days. If you’re feeling crafty, make simple kites from paper and string. Alternatively, show your competitive side with an impressive sports kite. You can fly a kite in any open space – from the field to the beach – just make sure you’re away from overhead electrical cables.

  1. Plant some vegetables

You don’t always need to walk miles to get some fresh air into your kids’ lungs. Planting a modest vegetable garden will help your children learn, while encouraging healthy eating. There’s nothing like biting into a punnet of home-grown strawberries.

  1. Walk the dog

If your kids are lucky enough to have a pet, make sure it’s not always you doing the walking. Older children and teenagers can take the dog out by themselves. Younger kids can tag along with you.

  1. Hike

Get out into the countryside and go for a walk. Hiking doesn’t need to mean trekking up a mountain – it can be as simple as a short stroll across some nearby fields. Just work within your capabilities and make sure you have suitable equipment, such as Blacks outdoor clothing.

  1. Buy a baby sling

Even the smallest children can participate in activities off the beaten track. When your pushchair can’t cope, a baby sling or carrier will allow you to carry on trekking.

  1. Feed the ducks


A simple activity – make sure you take suitable food such as birdseed, oats, or grapes, as most bread is unsuitable for birds.

  1. Learn to cycle


Teaching your kids to ride a bike is a valuable life skill and biking is great exercise for kids.  Younger children will enjoy joining in by traveling in a bike seat or trailer.

  1. Climb a tree

When was the last time you climbed a tree? It’ll exercise muscles you didn’t know existed and it’s so much fun.

  1. Go to the beach

Pack your swimsuits, a towel and a picnic and head to the coast. Frolic in the sea, delve into rock pools and build sand castles. The seaside is nature’s playground.

  1. Camp

Even pitching a tent in your back yard will seem like a wild adventure for little ones. Then, as you get to know your equipment, you can take more exciting camping trips further from home.  If you don’t have a tent, you can always build a fort from cardboard boxes for outdoor fun!


Outdoor activities are key to a healthy lifestyle and help you bond as a family. So go on, open the front door and take that first step – the world is waiting for you.

Guest post by Susie Francis.

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