Scott Dunn Family Holidays -

Once upon a time you could disappear on a great escape with no one to worry about but yourselves, and the freedom to take each day as it came. With little ones in tow, there’s more to think about and greater preparation to be made. But having children in your life doesn’t mean the end of the adventure. If anything, it’s just the beginning of another story.

Our family team are expert at arranging holidays for guests with young children and babies. In the Alps and the Mediterranean we have Scott Dunn children’s clubs, and many of the properties in our portfolio have been selected for their superb children’s clubs and family-friendly set-up. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a tailor-made adventure that will suit slightly older children, we can craft something exciting for all the family.

So whether you’re taking a holiday with very young children, teenagers or a mixture of the two, we can arrange the right family escape for you. We’ll take out all hassle and give you the confidence you need when travelling with young ones. After all, a family holiday should be a holiday for every single member.

Explore all the options for family holidays below, and the various childcare services we can provide, or contact our family travel specialists.

Holidays with childcare

We provide professional childcare services in the Alps and the Mediterranean, from private nannies to Scott Dunn children’s clubs. We also offer luxury hotels worldwide that feature children’s clubs and other childcare options.

Holidays without childcare

If your children don’t necessarily require childcare, but you want your holiday to suit your family as a unit, we can create the perfect family escape, from a relaxing, family-friendly beach holiday to an 3-week Australian adventure.

Our family team

Our family team can help you arrange travel with young ones. All parents themselves, they're perfectly placed to arrange the right childcare, pre-order baby essentials, and advise on which properties are best suited to your family.

Family travel tips and FAQs

We share our top tips on travelling with children, and what to pack and how to make flying easier. And we answer your questions on airline and hotel polices and procedures for travelling with children.