Pre-Trip Fun for Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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    "Shane" -- As classic as classic Westerns get (and filmed in Jackson Hole). Alan Ladd stars as a gunslinger who protects homesteaders from rogues and ruffians. (Pre-teens and Up)

    "A River Runs Through It" -- Portions of this tale of two brothers growing up in Montana were filmed in the Jackson Hole area. (Teens)

    "Yellowstone and Grand Teton -- Seasons of the National Parks" -- This award-winning documentary gives viewers a sampling of the natural beauty found near Jackson, Wyoming. (All Ages)


    Cowboy Baked Beans -- From chuck wagons to campsite cookouts, try some baked beans with a little meat (bacon, pork, or beef), pepper, and onion thrown in for some Wild West kick.

    Beef Jerky -- Native Americans and the mountain men who roamed the Jackson Hole area after them relied upon dried meats like buffalo, elk, and deer.

    Pan-Fried Fish -- While you might not be able to grab cutthroat trout at your local grocery store, breading some whitefish in cornmeal and frying it is a great prelude to sampling a classic Snake River catch during your visit.


    Clay Brown Bear -- Get to know the grizzly bear, a revered resident of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that includes Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole.

    Paper Evergreen Tree -- Short summers mean pine trees dominate the landscape near Jackson Hole. Have the kids make their own paper pine with this simple craft.

    Hiking Trail Tote -- Get kids excited about hiking in the Tetons with this homemade science kit using common household items like an egg carton.