“Family Bonding” holidays on the rise

With recent research revealing that families are increasingly using holidays to achieve “quality time” together and with Father’s Day fast approaching, tour operator The Mighty Fine Company has unveiled its top six “memory-making” and “bonding” holidays.

The specialist in experience-led holidays is noticing a trend for parents wanting to take their child or children on a holiday that allows them to share in an unforgettable experience and spend quality time with one another.

Patrick Coyle, Sales Director for The Mighty Fine Company, said “We’re seeing a spike in enquiries and bookings from mums and dads, particularly those with teenage children, who are looking for the type of holiday that enables them to re-connect as a family, away from the daily grind. These customers are looking for something that’s different from the traditional family holiday where children and parents often end up doing their own thing.

“Some are seeking to create memories that will last a lifetime, for example, taking younger children to visit Santa in Lapland, or seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.  Some want to pass down a passion for wildlife watching or hiking, whilst others just want to show their children that there’s more to life than video games and shopping!  In many cases the mother or father has a shared interest with their son or daughter that they might not have in common with their spouse and they have discovered that their off-spring actually makes the perfect travelling companion.”