Fancy a scoop of glow in the dark icecream for $225?

It’s a weird combination but a little bit of jellyfish in your ice-cream and Voila! you have glow-in-the dark ice cream. Founded by Charlie Francis of Lick Me Delicious ice cream in the UK, he has harnessed the fluorescent properties of the jellyfish to develop the luminescent snack. He came up with the idea after reading a research paper on jellyfish and convinced scientists in China to chemically recreate the glowing protein. The ice cream reacts with the eater’s tongue – raising the pH level in the protein. Its luminescence only increases with every lick! A whole new experience for those with night vision too.

And as you’d expect, the jellyfish proteins don’t come cheap — £200 ($321) gets you about 2g of the stuff making a single scoop costs about $225!

[Lick me delicious - UK via HuffPo]