5 Best Apps For Students Studying Abroad

Thanks to Thomas Geraci

You’re off on a big adventure, but traveling to a different country can be scary. You’ll be learning a new language, using unfamiliar currency and calling back home to check-in might be too expensive. These cool apps will help make your study abroad experience perfect.    

 1. How much does this cost--in dollars?  

 Stumbling into a neighborhood Tratoria for some delicious food may be a fun experience during your summer studying in Florence, but when it comes time for the bill will you know what you’re paying? A currency converter app like XE Currency allows you to get up-to-date currency exchange rates so you know just how many Euros that gelato is costing you.   

2. Stay connected: talk and text your friends and family for free!

 textPlus is free to download, and calls and texts are free to other textPlus users, but you can also call any number in the world at highly discounted rates (cheaper than Skype). Traveling with friends? Have everyone download textPlus and you can all text and talk for free over Wi-Fi. “Where are you? I’m at the Louvre!”  So, call mom and dad, your boyfriend, or even talk to your dog--without spending a dime. 

3. Manage your money on-the-go

 Keeping track of finances while you’re traveling is tricky, especially with foreign currency.  You can make sure you’re not going over your travel budget (or the one your parents are giving you) by keeping track of everything on Mint.  It can even send you alerts when you’ve had one too many crepes. 

4. I need to update my Facebook status!

 You’ve found the coolest place to strike a pose or you just got served an Instagram-worthy dinner and you must share...immediately. You need Wi-Fi. Wi-fi Finder helps you find a local hotspot for you to connect. Voila - post away! 

5.  Book me on the overnight train to Paris

 One of the best things about traveling in Europe is being able to take advantage of the train systems that can take you across the continent overnight.  But when traveling in groups it’s good to book tickets early and check that there are no rail strikes that day.  Now you can do it all from your mobile phone with EuroRailways

Wishing students everywhere a great time overseas. Stay safe and stay in touch!