Best Family Vacations in Asia

Touring the world's largest continent with kids presents a number of challenges: Flights are long and expensive and cultural differences can be jarring. That said, Asia has some of the most remarkable natural and historical sites on the planet. Exposing your kids to these vibrant societies can enrich their education and global awareness. Plus, there is plenty of wholesome fun to be had. 



Hong Kong

Why Go: Hong Kong is a relatively easy Asian city for foreigners to explore. Most locals know English and you'll find a variety of international cuisine — a necessity for picky eaters. Plus, families love the city's kid-friendly attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park. Read More»

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Why Go: You and your family will enjoy stretching your legs in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, riding a jeep through the Night Safari and soaring high in the sky on the Singapore Flyer. Plus, you have Sentosa island (so-called "Asia's Favorite Playground") just a subway ride away from downtown. Read More»

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Why Go: Visiting the Taj Mahal is an experience that you'll never forget. So why not share that memory with your family? The journey here definitely qualifies as a pilgrimage (you'll take at least one flight and one long train ride), but enduring "Are we there yet?" several hundred times will pay off in a big way. Read More»

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Why Go: Though traditionally cast as a honeymoon spot, Bali has a surprising number of family-friendly attractions. You can tour ancient temples that travelers of any age can admire. Plus, at the Elephant Safari Park you can meet rescued Sumatran elephants and watch them play with one another. Read More»

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Why Go: Beijing's affordability makes it a contender for the top family destination in China. Several attractions, like the National Museum of China, are completely free, while others, such as the Forbidden City, charge a minimal fee. This city also boasts reasonable room rates and getting around town is easy with the relatively recent subway expansion. Read More»

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Why Go: Tokyo is the Asian mecca for cartoons, specifically anime. Some kids go crazy for this highly stylized art form. Tokyo also has a vast array of world-class attractions — like the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and the Tokyo Sea Life Park — to entertain the entire family. Read More»

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Why Go: While Bangkok has more name recognition, you'll be happy that you took your family to Phuket rather than the Thai capital. The local culture is more accessible, and your dollars will go a long way here. You'll be able to put your crew up in a nice hotel and still afford a tour through the surrounding verdant jungle.



Why Go: Kyoto lacks the chaotic traffic and sky-high buildings of Tokyo. In Kyoto, hundreds  of picturesque temples and shrines replace mega-malls and skyscrapers.  The sites here are much more manageable. And with fewer tourists to  combat, you'll also find less expensive accommodations and food here.