Family travel accessories: Baba Blog picks the best

Posted by Lucy Fennings

Leonora Bamford, in her own words, is a mother of two children under four, wife and blogger, who loves to cook and look after her family (and tries not to take herself too seriously).

As founder of The Baba Blog she expores the practicalities and pitfalls of modern parenting, sharing her tips along the way; now, she’s sharing her top family travel accessories for busy (but still stylish) parents. These are a few of her favourite things…

This wheelie bag is such a hit with bigger children and it means they really do carry their own things. My son drags his around proudly and likes to fill it the night before with a teddy, colouring, a few cars and some stickers. It has an easy-access front pocket, which I fill with snacks for check-in meltdowns.

I’m also a major fan of these Little Life backpacks, which come in adorable characters for toddlers (ladybird, bee, turtle etc). It can be scary travelling with little ones and this has a brilliant rein that pops out and you can grab if they run off in the wrong direction. Trunki also does great accessories, and I never leave home without them!

Thank god for Jellycat is all I can say! One glimpse of their bunny with its cute little attached snuggle blanket and my children are snoring. It’s comforting and I would always suggest taking your child’s favourite teddy or comforter.

When I’ve checked in, the first place I go is  always WH Smith, where I let the children choose one treat each. I then scurry around behind them filling my arms with Pez sweets, raisins and children’s magazines for ‘surprise’ presents for different stages of the flight, depending on the length of the journey.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have an iPad, you’ll know that it’s a savior for long journeys. Not only to be filled with TV programmes, they can be informative and educational. I try to use in small doses.

I always travel with a huge Bamford shawl that I’ve had for years. It doubles up as a wrap, snuggle, sheet, duvet and more. It makes you feel at home wherever you are.

These shoes from Style Passport are a lifesaver, and great for if you’re going on holiday. I often board with bulky boots, so being able to unfold these cute little ballet pumps is pretty cool.

I never leave the house without a huge packet of baby wipes!

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