Value of Tauck Family Travel Service

Tauck Bridges is the family-focused brand of Tauck, an award-winning global tour operator.

Courtesy of Sharon from Tauck Bridges

As a parent and a travel professional, I am always interested in getting the best family vacation value for my travel dollars. Cost is important, but a unique and memorable experience that brings the whole family together can be priceless. That’s why many families put their trust in Tauck Bridges, a family travel company that delivers extraordinary experiences at an extraordinary value.

Tauck Bridges is part of the Tauck brand of travel companies, a third-generation, family-owned business that’s been around since 1925. Tauck specializes in enriching, inclusive vacations, where virtually every travel expense – over 100 different cost components – is included on every trip in one up-front price, with no hidden fees or surprise add-on expenses.

That is an unusual marketing move in today’s economy where additional fees are often hidden and unexpectedly added to the final cost – and one that ensures priceless peace of mind for families traveling with Tauck.

Bell Family on a Tauck Bridges Grand Canyon Trip

Tauck Bridges is All About Families

Tauck Bridges is dedicated to family travel and offers 15 different vacations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Tanzania, designed explicitly for families looking to explore the world together in a meaningful, enriching way. Tauck Bridges trips are like no other tours you will find.

They craft itineraries that immerse family travelers in different cultures and in nature, sparking a passion for discovery and inspiring a sense of wonder in the world in which we live through exclusive experiences and insider access that only Tauck Bridges can deliver.

Access Incredible Experiences

While it is difficult to put a price on the intangible experiences you’ll have on a Tauck Bridges trip – in Italy, families will enjoy a guided excursion in the secret underground tunnels of St. Callistus in Rome with local experts, a pizza-making dinner with a chef and a lecture by an art historian in Florence, a mask-making demonstration with skilled artists in Venice, a special evening at a farm near Sorrento where you see how cheese is made, make your own Italian pizza and learn how to dance the Tarantella, sightseeing by a private convertible car in Capriwe can tell you that a Tauck Bridges family vacation costs about 40% less than it would cost if you were to do the same things while traveling on your own.

And, many of the exciting components on Tauck Bridges trips, like the after-hours, private visit to the Vatican Museums without crowds, are exclusive to Tauck and would be impossible to orchestrate on your own.

A quick pose at the Colosseum

Hassle Free Vacation

Furthermore, all Tauck Bridges trips include the dedicated services of a Tauck Director who manages all the day-to-day travel details of your family vacation. According to many families who have traveled with Tauck Bridges, the Tauck Directors are one of the best parts of their vacations.

Wonderful storytellers with interesting backgrounds as teachers, artists, actors, naturalists, historians, photographers and more, they are great fun to travel with – the kids love them and they love the kids – and they are experts at making every day of the vacation run smoothly and hassle free.

They’ll check families in and out of hotels, make sure all the luggage is brought from place to place, seamlessly orchestrate dining arrangements and sightseeing excursions, and handle all the necessary reservations, tipping, admission fees and transportation logistics with remarkable ease. They engage family travelers with their knowledge of the world’s most exciting places, share insider stories of the places they visit and entertain with cultural treats and spur-of-the-moment adventures and experiences that family travelers couldn’t have on their own.

No Research Required. Trips Include High Quality, Ideally Located Hotels at Discounted Rates

Tauck Bridges includes all accommodations in premier, ideally located hotels in every destination, many of which, including The Westin Excelsior, Rome, The St. Regis Florence and The Westin Europa & Regina, Venice, are acclaimed among the best in Europe.

Because of their long-standing relationships with these hotels, Tauck Bridges is able to secure special rates at these hotels, which they pass along to their guests.

Must-See Sights and Activities Included in Family Itineraries

Guided sightseeing, on-tour transportation (boats, trains, cars, motor coaches, and more), admission fees and local experts are included in every destination, along with pre-reserved tickets and insider access to must-see sights like the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum.

You won’t leave disappointed that you were not able to see what you wanted to because something is sold out – unless there are some totally unforeseen circumstances or emergency closures, Tauck Bridges makes sure you experience everything that’s featured in their itinerary.

What are Lagniappes?

There are many other items included for families on Tauck Bridges trips – including all gratuities – but some of them turn up as delightful surprises that the company calls “lagniappes.” It could be a refreshing gelato after a day of sightseeing, an impromptu picnic or a ‘chance’ meeting with a local resident who welcomes your family into their home; you’ll have to travel with Tauck Bridges to find out what their secret treats are!

What it all adds up to is an unforgettable family vacation that is enriched by laughter, energy, good times, great friendships and shared memories that truly last lifetimes. A vacation filled with frustrations, disappointments and unsatisfying experiences or one that is a lot of work to plan and execute is not a good value, no matter how inexpensive the price!

When you travel with Tauck Bridges, the true value is in knowing that you and your family will share the adventure of a lifetime together. You just can’t put a price on that!

If you are looking for a memorable gift that’s perfect for your entire family – think holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions and more – check out the family vacations that Tauck Bridges offers at, read the testimonials from the families who have traveled with us and look at the real-life photos and videos of these amazing trips at The smiles you’ll see speak volumes about the fun you can have with each other in some of the most exciting places in the world!

If you have any questions, please fee free to email me at and I will be happy to help!

Sharon Bell, Brand Manager Tauck Bridges and mom of Griffin (16), Camryn (12) and Kayla (12). Photos courtesy of Sharon Bell