Timmy and Sakura Fantasy Series:  Beyond the Tree House

The Beyond the Tree House trilogy are the first books in the Timmy & Sakura adventure series. Beyond the Tree House is a light and epic fantasy written for ages six to twelve that takes children around the world through thrilling tales of greed, power, and magic – and one boy’s remarkable courage. The trilogy chronicles the adventures of Timmy Carlton, who finds himself in a mythical world, Samothracean, and faced with a dangerous rescue mission on which he encounters ghost-like monsters, talking badgers, and mystical halflings. As each story unfolds, Timmy learns more about this unique universe and, ultimately, about himself.

Books in Beyond the Tree House include: The Realm of GoldOro, The Silvanas, and Comes a Warrior. Comes a Warrior unfolds into a middle grade fantasy and adventure series, Timmy & Sakura.

In Timmy & Sakura, Timmy and his Japanese friend, Sakura, team up with eight children, each from a G-8 country, who continue Timmy’s crusade. Together, they solve mysteries, thwart global chaos, and save the world. Readers are swept deeper into Samothracean where fallen angles, celestial warriors, talking animals, and extraterrestrials roam, and where Timmy continues a most noble undertaking.

The legend is just beginning ... 

The Timmy & Sakura series weaves together stories that zigzag between reality and classic mythology. It brings to light storylines and figures who have so far been underrepresented. In its chronicling of the adventures of the G-8 children, too, it speaks to the various challenges and difficulties faced by pre-teens in all corners of the world. Timmy and Sakura’s friendship blossoms into a young romance, causing jealousy among some in the group. Their young love not only tests the team’s loyalty to each other, but challenges cultural codes.

Photos courtesy of: Andrew Strain, FastCoExist, SpolidGizmodo, Laorasa / Animation by Kenny K and Marvin Law