The Carltons Creative Agency

At the Carltons Creative Agency we anticipate and adapt to shifts in digital media and advertising trends. Gone are the days of banners and commercial interruptions: today’s consumers wish to be engaged and entertained. They demand flawless content and a semblance of unpaid advertising. Our primary objective is to create value; to reinforce core brand strategy and heritage story at every touchpoint.

Through the power of entertainment we target affluent millennials and discerning consumers with a passion for travel, style, and sophistication. Our platform leverages characters from The Carltons Series to weave entertaining content into social media platforms. Our approach attracts consumers and creates long-term brand value. The Carlton Series characters are relatable and aspirational. They are sophisticated influencers who engage brands in ways that fascinate consumers and leave them wanting what they have: your products.


Our team, our approach

Our approach blends creativity and technology. It focuses on premium, content-driven ad-creations. Carltons Series narratives transport consumers into another world; they introduce lifestyles and seduce with adventures. They do not sell, but tempt. Consumers are left trusting and emulating characters – left wanting whatever they have. In our approach, the Carltons Creative Agency stands out from the rest. It stands poised to become a future global market leader.

Our team consists of creators, designers, and strategists passionate about an innovative 360-degree take on advertising. Our team not only works to establish brand fame and positioning, but also to connect locally with consumers and maintain control over global messaging.

Original Content Library

At the Carltons Creative Agency we strive to create commercials, films, virtual web videos, and special entertainment projects that inspire. Our content library consists of exciting full-length feature film scripts, television pilots, books, lifestyle television programs and our Outcast travel children’s series.

We are currently in pre-production with feature film, Sunset & 5th, a coming-of-age road film that weaves together the lives of an older woman and young man on the open road between Los Angeles and New York. In addition, we have a diverse film portfolio of romantic comedies, psy thrillers, historical and modern dramas, and family films made for both industry and independent houses.

We are also developing an Outcast Otter virtual passport travel system for children, games, a children's fantasy land called Outlandia,  and the Beyond the Tree House – a children’s fantasy adventure trilogy. We are a young company with fresh ideas about multimedia marketing and entertainment. We are storytellers.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Peabody Library

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Peabody Library

ADVERTISE WITH US and reach a diverse and sophisticated global luxury market. The Carltons Series has quickly established itself as a curator of unique luxury brands and destinations, brilliantly weaving stories and characters with brands and destinations. We would be delighted to share our extensive portfolio of commercial opportunities across various platforms. For enquiries, please contact us at the below link.