Who are the Carltons?

The Carltons Series interweaves brands, travel, and storytelling through a perfectly curated combination of fiction and reality for those with a penchant for sophistication. Through its stories and products, the series recaptures the glory jet-set days of luxurious escapes, unseemly affairs, and smashing adventures. It recalls a certain panache, a certain romance – and the elegance that travel once was.

The Carltons Series follows John and Charlotte around the world as they rendezvous with their globe-trotting friends – among them, Tom Huston, one among their innermost circle.

“Do they like it here – this place?” Came the response: “They have to like it. They invented it.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who Is tom huston?

"I met him in Santiago last year. Gave him a bottle of Haig's Pinch for giving me a lift. I glanced at my watch: it was past two. He'd just finished tap dancing in black tie across the hood of his '65 Defender. He was tall, thin, timeless, and with a mysterious persona..."

Through multi-media platforms, magazines, commercials, and short films the Tom Huston Series showcases scarce luxury, destination brands, and thrill-seeking across Latin America.

Tom is part of the Carlton’s inner circle. He is a signature character who embodies traits incidental to Steve McQueen, James Bond, and Brad Pitt: a rugged individualist who remains unchanged in an ever-changing world. He is a timeless man in modern times – the quintessential American hero who knows the score and merits respect; a man who radiates sex appeal. From Riga to Rio, Huston is a thrill-seeker. The world’s most eligible bachelor and most sought after wingman. A man who puts the cool in everything. His style is difficult to come by in this day and age. It pulls you in, leaving you wanting more. Wanting what he has.

In the Tom Huston Series, Huston sweeps readers around the world for thrill rides with the boys of D-Circle. The four men of D-circle meet each month in far-flung locales, hungry for adrenaline: camel racing, heli-skiing, or racing through the streets of Istanbul in BMWs. Huston takes you places. He draws you into a world where ruggedness and masculinity, sensuality, and danger reign supreme. Once there – well, grab your bags. Let’s fly.


 Tom Huston, Istanbul: https://issuu.com/carltonsseries/docs/tomhustonstory.docx_23bbc56895de7c

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Photos courtesy of Slim Aaron the Getty Collection