"Travel feeds our curiosity of the world "

Imagine before sweeping the family off to Rome you grab a copy of Outcast in Rome and voila, your five-year-old is trekking across the Eternal City in Outcast’s paw  prints. 

Through his book series, Outcast offer children the ability to explore the globe in a fun, yet educational way, expanding their knowledge of cultures and societies.

The series has a theme, realistic real-life situations, and addresses typical children’s issues, moreover, other important subjects of life, like being a good friend and helping others.  

The series provides a passport to adventure, and a travel guide for children, translated into a multitude of languages.  Some story examples: Outcast goes to Nigeria, Outcast travels the Silk Route, Outcast in Jakarta, etc.  On his travels, Outcast encounters interesting characters who introduce him to their cities. 


  1. Outcast in Tokyo
  2. Outcast as the White House
  3. Outcast at a Dude Ranch
  4. Outcast in Jakarta
  5. Outcast in Nigeria
  6. Outcast meets Norwegian Snowman
  7. Timmy and Outcast Fly to Paris
  8. Outcast in Rome


Outcast in Paris - think of a Toy Story/Ratatouille mix where Outcast and his global friends save the day.

She'll Fly Before She Walks

She'll Fly Before She Walks

We are in the process of locating the best publishing house for Outcast....  a home where his ideas, like his boundless energy is free of restraints.